3 of our favorite Educational resources you can download for FREE!

Ahh, lockdown 3 – Time for parents to become superheroes once again! Working full time, making 74 different meals each day to keep everyone happy, keeping the house in order when someone gets bored of their current activity, washing 236 items a week due to their daily walk becoming a mud bath, being the first aider when someone takes a tumble, and NOW they get to add being a teacher to their superhero job list!

Well, we thought you might need a bit of inspiration to get you and your little ones to motivated to get stuck back into education, so here are our top 3 activities which you can download from our educational resources page, absolutely free!

Marine Adaptations – Design your own fish!

Animals are fascinating things but we often don’t think about how or why they are like they are!

Have a look at the types of habitats fish live in – do they live in the open ocean and have to escape sharks? or do they live in rockpools and have to contend with stormy seas crashing on the rocks so need to hide?

Next have a look at the features that help fish fit into these environments – are they flat so they can hide on the sea bed? or are they torpedo shaped to move quickly?

Now it’s your turn to design your own fish! Decide on where your fish is going to live, and then pick the features that you think would make it a good fish!

You can draw your fish, or even better – why not get creative and use some different materials!

Download the full classroom materials here!

Label your Own Lobster!

Nothing beats starting the day than learning about a lobsters anatomy!

Print your very own pet lobster and see if you can label what part of the lobster is what! Then, have a think about what it might use each of these body parts for!

You can download your own lobster and labels to print out here!

Lobster Lifecycle Paper chain!

Did you know lobsters have very confusing life cycles and the actually start as an egg?!

Have a go at printing off our lobster lifecycle paper chain set.

Cut the segments up, and shuffle them – now see if you can put them into the right order and link them together like a paper chain!

We also have loads more lobster lifecycle materials you can look at here if you need a hand or fancy doing some matching games instead!



Finally, how about giving your little ones some motivation with a chance to win a lobster adoption! 🦞 Give some of these resources a little go, and send us some photos of your wonderful work so we can see how you’ve been getting on! You can send these photos to ellie.smart@nationallobsterhatchery.co.uk

We will announce the winner at the end of lockdown! – Lets get lobster learning!📚

We hope you enjoy our educational resources – and if you don’t have access to printer we are more than happy to print and send some to you – just email: education@nationallobsterhatchery.co.uk