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Earlier this week we interviewed Emily from Beach Guardian to here her thoughts on PPE pollution during Covid.  Covid has been a hard to time for everyone, and no one has gone unaffected. But something positive that has come out of Covid is our connection with nature. More than ever we understand nature's importance to us and for many, it has been a saviour of the situation.

But we were curious to here from the front line of our beaches, to see how Covid19 has affected our oceans so we asked Emily from Beach Guardian to share her findings and thoughts in our interview - if you haven't seen it, you can do so here - or at the end of the article!

Emily kindly told us three great solutions too which is what we want to share with you today!

First though! Who are Beach Guardian?

You may recognise Emilys lovely face from the TV - she has been all live all around the globe pledging her passion to help save our oceans from plastic - she graduated her university degree in a gown made of crisp packets she found on the beach, and now she is doing talks globally, inspiring thousands with her passion and forward thinking for the future!

"Beach Guardian CIC is a Community Interest Company based in Cornwall, United Kingdom. It was co-founded by father and daughter duo: Rob and Marine Biologist Emily. Over the years regular beach cleaning has been done to collect and remove rubbish from the beaches; mainly plastics washing in from the ocean on the tide. We now organise community beach cleans and conduct educational workshops with schools and other groups to connect people with the environment to improve health and well being of both people and planet."

Check them out on their website and on twitter, instagram, youtube and facebook! 

Hopefully soon we can all get out beach cleaning with them too! 

Sustainable Covid Tip #1!


Did you know, since Covid has started, it has been estimated that an astonishing 1.6MILLION face masks are being sent to land fill EVERY MONTH in the UK alone! Many people think these face masks are make of paper, but unfortunately despite their papery feel, they are still made of different polymers (plastic!) which means they are not ending up in landfill, but in our oceans too!

A great way for us to help stop this? Use a reusable face mask - a great way to stop the use of disposable items! This first tip has almost become a fashion trend too, with thousands of ace designed to choose from, and if your crafty - you can even make your own saving you money too!

Are reusable as safe as single yes?
The simple answer is - if they are used correctly, yes! The great thing about reusable face masks is that YOU are in control of them - you know where they have been and you can chuck them in the wash as soon as you get home. The best thing to do is keep them in a reusable bag that is separate from everything else - Once you get home you can put everything in the wash. We recommend to stay safe only use the face mask once before washing again.

Please note: We know that reusable face mask aren't for everyone - some have medical conditions that require a disposable face mask and that is absolutely fine - only wear one if you feel safe and comfortable doing so!


Sustainable Covid Tip #2


This second tip is brilliant and something we weren't aware of until Beach Guardian Emily mentioned it during the interview!

You might be thinking - what on earth have emails got to do with it? Well, as Emily explained - emails (along with everything else online) takes up space on servers - these servers are powered by electric, which of course in turn uses carbon!

So although we think everything is going to "the cloud" - this cloud is a big energy consumer! The less space we can take up online, the better! So delete those unwanted emails and stop sending those random ones for no reason!

Another hand tip Emily suggested, was to put everything onto external harddrives instead of "the cloud"! This also means your data is safely in your hands and not floating around in somewhere mysterious!

Sustainable Covid Tip #3!


As we have found out during Covid, nature is AMAZING. On many occasions we have longed for our daily exercise, a chance to be outside, to feel that sunshine, to breathe in that fresh air. It's pretty much been the only conversation starter we could have too. But we all began to notice the small things - the seasons, the animals and birds, thr plants.. I mean - how many of us took up gardening?!

The best thing to make our environment cared for, is simply sharing our love for nature. The more we talk about our experiences in nature, the more others start to share theres too!

The best thing is, perfectly said by Emily - "To be a conservationist you don't have to give up everything - you simply have to care - that is enough!"

Finally, If you didnt get a chance to watch our interview with the Brilliant Emily, you can do so here!