5 things to see and do at the National Lobster Hatchery this summer!

5 Things to See and Do at the National Lobster Hatchery this summer!

Over the last 5 months we have made some pretty epic changes here at the National Lobster Hatchery! It's time for us to share them with you to see what you can get involved with this summer!

1. Meet a newly born baby lobster!

Its not every day you get to meet a lobster that has just been born! During the summer we have HUNDREDS of new babies born every day so its a brilliant time to visit! Not only will you have the chance to meet a one day old baby, you can learn about how they'll grow into big strong lobsters! You'll also be able to see lobsters from one day old all the way up to 30 years old with everything in between! A pretty special and unique experience!

2. Get involved with some hands on activities in our NEW room!

The last year and a bit has been tough for all of us, but it hasn't stopped our lobster loving team from dedicating their time to the NLH! Our team, along with the help of Murdoch Design and Joanna Henley have done some shifting, painting, crafting and awesome designing to create this beautiful activity room! Here, you can get involved with a wealth of fun activities, you can listen to the stories of fishermen and work out how to save the sea! All this amazing information is fantastic for both adults and children alike - we can't wait to see what you think!

3. Discover the ancient world of Lobsters!

This year we have more exciting news as we have partnered up with Manchester Museum who have kindly lent us some of their awesome Crustacean fossils that date back 500 MILLION years ago!! Crustaceans have an amazing history and have been around for so long, so learning about their history and getting to actually see how they have changed over thousands of years is quite something! Don't miss out on this amazing exhibition! 

4. Save our Seas

Here at the national lobster hatchery, saving our seas is our prime focus and we have passion for sharing this! From releasing juvinille lobsters in to the ocean to restock our natural lobster population, to making small every day changes like reducing plastic, we have some amazing tips that you can learn to help save our seas too! You can talk to our amazing team too who will help teach you all about our sustainable sea and what you can do to help!

5. Adopt your very own baby lobster!

It wouldn't be a trip to us unless you got to take home your very own baby lobster adoption! You can name your lobster and take home your unique certificate and information pack! The best thing is, the fun doesn’t stop there - you can follow your lobsters progress on our track your lobster page. Here you will be able to see when, where and how your lobster was released! Whilst at the hatchery, you’ll even be able to see what stage your baby lobster will currently be at and the stages it will go through to reach release!

The fun doesn't end here too! We have so many incredible creatures for you to see, some incredible scenery AND you get an annual pass on entry so you can come back whenever you want! We can't wait to see you this summer!