5 Things you didn’t know about lobsters…

Lobsters are wonderful creatures full of fabulous mystery and facts - we're going to share 5 of the coolest with you!

1.) Lobsters chew with their Stomachs

Ok - this sounds GROSS but lobsters don't actually have teeth in their mouth! Instead they have their stomach located very close to their mouths - and they use a gastric mill (it's basically just that... tough plates that grind down the food!) this helps them to break up their food for digestion!

1.) Lobsters evolved over 140 Million years ago

Lobsters are OLD and we mean REALLY old! Lobster type creatures are thought to be over 450million years old - but the first fossil of a clawed lobster (like our lovely European lobsters!) is thought to be 140 million years old. Pretty hardy and impressive creatures if you ask us!

3.) Lobsters have copper based blood

When we think of blood - we think bright red and fresh.. well, not for lobsters! Lobster blood is mainly copper based, which gives it a silvery blue colour! This is because a lobster's blood uses haemocyanin to transport the oxygen rather than Haemoglobin molecules (which are structured around iron, and this give the blood of vertebrates its bright red color)! Pretty fascinating!

4.) Lobsters taste with their feet!

Imagine, everywhere you walked, you could taste whats under you. I think I'd probably pass on that one. But lobsters, they have no choice! Their legs are covered in tiny little hairs that are similar to our taste buds, so essentially, what the pick up and feel with their legs.. they can taste! mmm!

5.) If we could grow at the same rate as lobsters, we would be the same size as 11 Blue Whales!

Lobsters can grow... like, really grow! Lobster babies are tiny - around the size of the 5p piece (2/3mm) - and the biggest one ever found in Cornwall was 1.26m. That's 630 times longer than its original size! If you compare that to a human - the size of an average human baby is 482mm and the tallest man ever recorded was 2720mm - that's only 5.6 times longer! So, in terms us growing at the same rate as lobsters, we would end up the same size at 11 blue whales.. crazy!