5 Tips for a Sustainable Christmas

5 Tips for a Sustainable Christmas

After this very unusual year for everyone, we are most definitely in need of some Christmas cheer - what a better way to celebrate, than helping our planet at the same time!

So, here are our 5 top tips for a sustainable Christmas:

1. Ditch the wrapping paper

Did you know, that wrapping paper is often laminated with plastic or other non recyclable materials? This means we aren't able to recycle it in the UK! Although it looks pretty, why not try something different? You could try putting your gifts in a lovely basket using fabric (which can be re-used!) or my personal favorite - brown paper or old newspapers! You can decorate them how you want (better still, you can even get the kids to decorate some too!) You can theme it with anything you want - Including lobsters with Santa hats...! The authentic look brings home that idea of Christmas!

Image thanks to Chris from Manmade

2.) Less is more!

Christmas can put us under a lot of pressure to provide - the best gifts, the best food, the best everything - but this means we end up buying a lot of extra unnecessary things - plastic stocking fillers and extra 'bits' often get binned within a few weeks. Did you know, an extra 30% of waste is produce over the Christmas period compared to the rest of the year. This year, to put less strain on you (and the environment!) why not buy just what you need - or fewer, more thought out presents!

Photo Thanks to Bob_Dmyt

3.) Donate Instead

If you don't know what to get someone this Christmas (particularly someone who has a lot of 'things' or someone that doesn't want 'things') why not donate some money to their favorite charity on their behalf? You could sponsor an animal or even adopt one of our lobsters. Not only will it be a unique gift that will bring a smile to yours and the recipient's face, but you will be helping others too - from a child in a remote village, to a lobster in little old padstow - this year more than ever we could all do with an extra hand.

Photo Thanks to our Hatchery Volunteer Adrian Bagley


We all have that wonderful habit of eating maybe a little too much at Christmas... It's easily done! The shelves are packed with delicious goods and we are all partial to a treat - after all, it is Christmas! However, this year, why not try to think of the wider picture and see where your food comes from? If you're buying in supermarkets - check the origin of your food and try and buy closer to home. Something that can be really interesting to do is work out your food miles here: https://www.foodmiles.com/ This can tell you roughly how far your food has travelled and how much carbon it has produced!  If you are able to, you could support local farmers by buying their produce and meat or if you're planning on going out for a meal, why not support a small local restaurant or pub instead of that all you can eat chain? Eating locally isn't only better for the environment, but it helps our local economy out too.

P.s. - Remember to drink responsibly!

Photo of Padstow Brewing Company beer - taken by Shaun Connolly (@the_beer__enthusiast)


Gifts that are handmade can mean so much more than gifts that have been purchased without thought. Knowing that someone has spent their time creating something unique is the most precious thing of all. Now a-days, time can be so precious and hard to come by - it can mean more than money. Making something or supporting local business can literally change peoples lives and help them keep their livelihoods (especially after right now). There is so much on offer if you just look into what might be available around you - try looking on local facebook groups, or if it's safe, you could take wonder down the high street.

Beautiful Artwork by print maker Tory Hayward

Most of all - ENJOY! Christmas isn't about giving expensive gifts, or eating the biggest turkey - it's about quality (and socially distanced) time with our loved ones. Retelling old stories and making way for new ones. A time for helping and caring for one another and a chance to look forward about how we can make positive movements not just for us, but for the environment, in the year to come.


Written by Ellie Smart (@eco_ellie_) - Chief of Lobster social media!