Educational Leaflets to Empower Seafood Consumers

A series of educational leaflets are ready to give out in our Visitor Centre, forming an excellent resource for students, teachers and anyone interested in learning more about important fisheries topics.  The aim is to empower seafood consumers with greater knowledge so that they can make more informed, sustainable purchasing choices.

We are also working with the fabulous Nina Constable Media to capture footage for  a series of short films on the same themes.  By making this information available in video form it will be accessible to a far wider audience so our important message will have an even greater reach.

  • A Visitor’s Guide to the National Lobster Hatchery
  • Lobster Biology & Fisheries
  • Fishing Methods & their Environmental Impacts
  • Sustainable Fishing
  • How to Manage Fisheries
  • Marine Wildlife Protection



These leaflets have been produced with the support from the following organisations; The Tanner Trust and



Thanks to the funders mentioned above we are able to offer school workshops for free in Cornwall.  We will come to you, but the funding runs out in December 2017 so book today to ensure we can book you into our busy diary!  Contact Education Officer Cat Wilding

Featured photo by Ruby Ingleheart, Hawkers Cove

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