A Christmas Miracle!

Happy Christmas Eve!! Today we thought we would share with your our little Christmas miracle from a few years back – The story of Lovely Claudia the Christmas lobster. 🦞🎄

Then came Christmas morning – our hatchery team turned up to look after the little lobsters. They went to check on Claudia and give her a Christmas lunch, and to their delight lovely Claudia had moulted! She had all her legs, and two new strong claws (The next photo!) She was able to fend for herself again, which ensured a safe release for her to return to the wild! 💙🌊🎄🦞

In the photo above you can see how Claudia looked when she arrived in to our care – No claws, basically no legs, but a tail FULL of eggs. Claudia managed to survive long enough to hatch all her babies which were taken care of by our hatchery team, but poor Claudia still in a desperate state!

Never the less – Our lovely Hatchery team worked very hard day and night to look after Claudia in the hope that she might one day moult and begin the regeneration of her missing legs and claws.

A photo of beautiful Claudia on her release day!