Beer & Lobster with a charitable twist

soggy bottlesLocal award winning brewery ‘Padstow Brewing Company’ have shown their support for a very important local ‘claws’ with the launch of ‘Lobster Tale’; a delicious new ‘lobster inspired’ wheat beer with a charitable twist in its tail……! Not only is this mouth-watering new beer the ideal accompaniment to seafood; but the really good news is that 10p from every bottle sold will go to the NLH to help them raise and release baby lobsters back into our coastal waters, helping to replenish natural stocks.

Padstow’s National Lobster Hatchery is an innovative marine conservation, research and education charity that aims to help conserve vulnerable lobster populations. At the same time the charity’s work contributes to safeguarding the future of our fishing and seafood industry and the many livelihoods and coastal communities it supports. The NLH does this via pioneering research and education outputs, coupled with a unique and innovative lobster stock enhancement programme. This involves raising baby lobsters at the hatchery until they reach a life stage at which they are better able to survive in the wild, at which point they are released back into our waters with the help of local fishermen and dive schools. To date the NLH has released over 188,000 baby lobsters back into our waters and survival rates are considered to be around 1,000 times higher than those born naturally in the wild.

The charity’s ‘feel good’ fundraising scheme aptly named ‘Buy one, set one free’ is already being utilised by responsible and sustainably minded restaurants and seafood suppliers to help raise funds and spread awareness of the NLH’s work. Long term supporters; Dreckly fish have already raised valuable funds with their lobster catches in this way. Kevin Penney of Dreckly Fish says: ‘Dreckly Fish is a very proud supporter of the NLH and its ‘buy one, set one free’ scheme. This demonstrates to our customers the true meaning of sustainability; we are investing in our future by charging an extra 50p for every lobster we sell with the proceeds going to the hatchery to help release baby lobsters back’.

Padstow Brewery’s exclusive new ‘Lobster Tale’ beer has been brewed especially to compliment the taste of the sea. Owners and brewers Caron and Des Archer felt it fitting that they make a contribution to the work of the NLH, as it plays such an important part in safeguarding the often fragile environment and economy of our coastal communities. Caron Archer of Padstow Brewery says: ‘We are delighted to be brewing a beer for this amazing charity. We chose a wheat beer with its citrus notes and delicate aromas as it will perfectly complement the fabulous lobster that is served all around our coastline this summer’.

Clare Stanley of the NLH says; ‘We are incredibly grateful for the support of Padstow Brewing Company, Dreckly Fish and all our ‘Buy one, set one free’ members. The charity’s work is incredibly important to our coastal communities; however it relies heavily on the support of forward thinking organisations and individuals that understand the need for a more sustainable approach to managing our vulnerable marine resources. We cannot thank Padstow Brewing Company and Dreckly enough for their long term support through the ‘Buy one, set one free’ scheme’.

For further information on the NLH’s work or to become a member of ‘Buy one, set one free’ please contact Clare Stanley at the NLH

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