Education Blog April 2016

It’s been a busy start to the spring season for Team Lobster! We have been hosting lots of primary school students at the hatchery, and taking free lobster lessons into Cornish school classrooms!

By taking part in a fun fishing game, children at St Breock School were introduced to simple natural resource management methods. A simulation of overfishing caused depletion of the fish stock in the game, sparking lively debate and discussion – just as in a real-life fisheries meetings! Children raised important questions about fisheries management and were encouraged to consider the impact that they have on the environment around them.

Happy Year 4As part of a school-wide celebration of science, the Education team met with over 500 pupils from 10 classes at Wadebridge Primary School. Classes doubled up into year groups of 60 pupils to learn about lobsters and their unusual lifecycles! Children from year 1 to year 5 all got involved with lobster activities, drawing the different stages, acting out lobster survival drama, and enjoying lobster crafts!

All lesson content has been specifically designed to link to National Curriculum objectives, and is tailored to suit the learning requirements of each class. Free lessons are available to all schools throughout Cornwall – get in contact on: to find out more!

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