Education Blog December 2016

The Lobster Hatchery team are gearing up for Christmas with full tinsel-tastic enthusiasm! Production in the hatchery slows down at this time of year due to cooler water temperatures slowing the development of lobsterโ€™s eggs in the wild. This results in fewer berried hens (females carrying eggs) being brought in to the Hatchery. Despite this, the festive period is a great opportunity to spread the word about our conservation work, and adopting a lobster makes an unusual, unique Christmas gift!

food-festival3December began with a fantastic annual event – the Padstow Christmas Festival. This provided a wonderful opportunity for our team to connect with the local community and visitors, and we were delighted to catch up with several people who adopted lobsters for Christmas last year. Padstow has its roots in a long standing fishing heritage so for many people in the community, the coastal environment is integral to their identity. It was great to hear festive messages of support for our work from lots of people who are involved with sustainable fisheries and responsible consumerism.

Lobster Lifecycle Paper Chain on Christmas Tree, St Mawnan SchoolLobster Lifecycle Paper Chain on Christmas Tree, St Mawnan SchoolWe delivered lobster lessons to Primary pupils from Looe and Mawnan schools. Students from year 4 to year 6 took part in lobster themed activities, and made festive lobster lifecycle paperchains which they used to decorate their class Christmas tree!

The Education team also enjoyed delicious coffee and walnut cake while delivering a talk to Trevone WI. Feedback from the talk was fantastic, with many comments that our lobster chat was delivered by the most interesting speaker they had hosted in 2016!

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