Education Blog – February 2017

Hard at work this month, the team have been focused on developing our education programmes and improving our visitor experience.

We have developed a series of education leaflets to give out to the public in our visitor centre. These aim to effectively inform customers about fisheries and marine conservation issues and empower consumers with the ability to make better, more sustainable seafood choices. These will form an excellent resource for both students, teachers, and anyone interested in learning more about the following important themes:

  • Sustainable fishing
  • Environmental impacts of different fishing methods
  • Fisheries management tools
  • Marine wildlife protection
  • Lobster fisheries and biology

The NLH is also currently working with an excellent local videographer to produce a series of short films on these fisheries related topics, making the content accessible to a far wider audience. Watch this space for the completed films.

The NLH visitor centre has gone through a fantastic re-vamp, with spruced up display tanks and improved lighting, showing off our fascinating lobsters and native marine life even better than before. We have also introduced a new type of tank to keep our larval lobsters during the planktonic stages of their life cycle. This is called a kriesel tank and it’s a specially designed aquarium to keep delicate planktonic animals gently circulating round in the water column. The design is cylindrical, and the name ‘Kriesel’ is German for ‘spinning top’ because of the motion of the water through the tank.

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