Education Blog May 2016

Summer is now in full swing for the NLH lobster education team, who have recently been travelling across the county to speak to school children and deliver marine themed, national curriculum lessons.

Since our last blog one month ago, we have spoken to 262 people, including pupils from 7 classes spread across 5 different schools!

Armed with a small host of larval lobsters and various unusual crustacean-based learning aids, we visited local schools in nearby Newquay, then ventured down to the Lizard and Helston area, to meet children from preschool to 11 years old. Key Stage two children from Manaccan Primary were the first class to try our newly developed Marine Adaptations lesson. They were a very bright group, who used creative ideas to invent different fish adaptations from their imaginations, as part of a ‘design-a-fish’ activity. Some of their ideas are very similar to the weird and wonderful adaptations of the real natural world!

We were also delighted to host Helford Marine Conservation Group, who visited the hatchery for a bespoke educational session and our unique ‘behind the scenes’ tour.

As well as delivering lots of lessons and educational visits, we have also been working hard on our exciting new resource packs, which are in the final stages of completion. This includes a suite of lesson plans, which will enable teachers to bring hands-on learning about marine topics into their classrooms. We will reveal more about these in our next blogs so stay tuned…..

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