Education Blog November 2016

It has been a spectacularly warm and sunny autumn so far in Padstow, and team lobster have been enjoying the view of the golden banks of the camel from our windows while welcoming groups for educational visits.

We welcomed a lovely group of year 4 students from Constantine Primary School, who were fascinated by our little lobsters! They learned about lobster adaptations and lifecycles through craft and drama activities. See their blog and some of the great art work they did following their visit here:


Floor sticker of the largest European Lobster ever found in Cornwall!

Recently we have also been visited by several adult learning institutions, including international visitors from Belgium and a local agricultural group the Souโ€™Westers club. Both groups were fascinated by our larval lobsters and our ground breaking lobster research trials.

As well as hosting groups we have been busy in the office, and are in the final stages of completing a series of education leaflets to give away in our visitor centre. Topics include Sustainable fishing, Environmental impacts of different fishing methods, and Marine wildlife protection.

Catch us next month from 1st โ€“ 4th December at the Padstow Christmas festival, where we will be offering the opportunity to buy some unique marine themed Christmas gifts!

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