Hatching News June 2016

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In this issue;
  • Welcome from General Manager, Dom Boothroyd
  • Buy one, Set one Free is going down a storm
  • Isles of Scilly Tagging Project, a perspective by Dr Charlie Ellis
  • DPS UK, based in Hampshire have designed an Adopt a Lobster releases database for our website FOR FREE!
  • Secrets of the Sea 3, There is more to a lobster fishery than meets the eye! By Dr Colin Bannister
  • Trustees recognised on New Year’s Honour List
  • NLH nominated in National Governance Awards
  • Join our Patron’s Club, our inaugural dinner is to be held at the iconic St Michael’s Mount Castle, hosted by Lord St Leven
  • Who’s up for lobster school dinners?  The education and outreach programme is putting lobsters firmly on the educational menu!
  • Events Calendar
  • New clothing line now in, design by volunteer Simon Thomas
  • Are you concerned about the effects of fishing and aquaculture on the environment?  By Matt Slater, Cornwall Wildlife Trust
  • Lobster Baby Booties with Navy rimTop 10 sustainable seafood choices
  • New exhibit for 2016
  • How good is your fish ID?
  • Lobsters say ‘Bon Voyage’ as the National Lobster Hatchery helps to re-stock French lobster populations
  • Adopt a Lobster Wedding Favours
  • New in store for 2016, check out the Little Shop of Lobsters …. who can resist these little lobster baby booties?!

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