How rare are bright blue lobsters? asks the BBC News

Two Canadian fishermen have been celebrating catching bright blue lobsters over the last few days. But how rare are these striking-looking crustaceans, asks Justin Parkinson from BBC News.

“The American lobster is usually a sort of greeny-brown, so anything bright blue would look very odd to fishermen there,” says Dr Charlie Ellis, a researcher at the UK’s National Lobster Hatchery, in Cornwall.

“But European lobsters tend to be a duller blue colour. The real sort of iridescent blue is still rare here, but the difference is that, to a European fisherman, it will seem less completely out of the ordinary than it would seem to a North American.”

Charlie Ellis thinks the probability of a lobster being bright blue may be as low as one in a few hundred thousand. But another British expert, Dr Andrew Parker of Oxford University’s zoology department, disagrees – he backs the one-in-two-million estimate.

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