Jake Scolding – Project Officer on LG2

Jake put the knowledge he gained from studying his MSc in Shellfish Biology, Culture and Fisheries at University of Wales, Bangor to good use during his first role the National Lobster Hatchery as a research technician. During his time at the Hatchery he investigated the effects of using ozone to aid in the rearing process of larval and juvenile lobsters. From the NLH, Jake moved to the Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Research (CSAR) at University of Wales, Swansea, where he spent 5 years as an aquaculture technician developing culture techniques for many marine species including sea bass, nephrops, herring and lumpsucker, as well as contributing to ocean acidification research and crewing University’s Research Vessel.

In 2016, Jake returned to Cornwall to become the Project Officer for Lobster Grower 2 (LG2), our collaborative mariculture research project. LG2 aims to assess the technology and improve the scientific knowledge required for the successful mariculture of European lobsters. Jake’s role on LG2 is hugely varied; he is responsible for liaising with project partners to ensure delivery of key objectives, and for compiling management, financial and progress reports, as well as contributing towards data collection in both the field and the lab.




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