National Lobster Hatchery’s Buy One, Set One Free campaign generates vital funds for lobster conservation from Brighton to Brittany

The National Lobster Hatchery (NLH) in Padstow is well known in the UK for its quirky marketing initiatives to raise awareness about the importance of lobster conservation but its Buy One, Set One Free fundraising campaign has become so successful that it is now attracting attention in Europe.

From Bigbury to Brighton, Charlestown to Cardiff and St Ives to Islington, the Buy One, Set One Free scheme, which encourages customers to make a modest donation every time they order lobster from a restaurant menu or shellfish supplier, has generated more than £77k since its inception in 2012.

Le Homard Frites in Brittany is the latest recruit and the first international restaurant to join the initiative.

With more than 75% of global fish stocks either over-exploited, fully exploited, depleted or recovering, and demand for seafood at an all-time high, the NLH aims to conserve vulnerable lobster populations in the UK and encourage responsibility in every aspect of the supply chain from the sourcing of shellfish to its consumption.
A female lobster can carry in the region of 20,000 eggs but only one of these eggs is expected to survive in the wild. The NLH conservation programme has improved this survival rate by up to 1,000 times and released more than 200,000 juvenile lobsters into coastal waters but the charity’s fundraising campaign is vital if this important stock enhancement project is to develop successfully and make a positive impact on the sustainability of Cornwall’s lobster fishery and the communities that it supports.

“An extraordinary amount of money has been donated so far by generous customers, restaurateurs and fish merchants from the length and breadth of the UK, which has made a significant contribution to conserving and enhancing our native lobster population,” explains NLH Business Development Officer, Clare Stanley. “Whether customers donate £1 every time they order a lobster or a restaurateur or fish merchant gift a fixed sum to us each year, we are indebted to the ethically-minded individuals who make a positive difference to our natural environment, marine biodiversity and food security in this way. We are also delighted to welcome our friends from Le Homard Frites in France to our Buy One, Set One Free scheme who appreciate the work we are doing as well as the feel-good factor that it brings to the customer experience. We hope that many more UK and international restaurants will follow their lead and help us to achieve even more.”

“We are delighted to be the first international restaurant to support this UK charity that promotes lobster conservation and responsible marine management,” adds Tony Streissel of Le Homard Frites.

To become a part of the NLH’s Buy One, Set One Free sustainable seafood campaign, contact Clare Stanley on 01841 533877 or email