The most popular professions in China

The most popular professions in China

The People's Republic of China has not only a great history and culture, but also the world's most powerful economy, which needs an experienced skilled workforce, including specialists from abroad. Today, thousands of foreigners conduct professional activities and start their own businesses in China. However, the procedure for registering a company in Chinese territory is very complicated, and the state strictly controls the entrepreneurial environment.

Economic successes have allowed to raise considerably the standard of living in China, to create an excellent infrastructure, to improve health care, education and other spheres. Average salaries in the country are approaching those of developed European nations, so many Americans are looking for work in Beijing, Shanghai and other major Chinese cities. Below, let's take a look at the TOP 10 jobs china americans are looking for.

The job market in China

Unemployment in China does not exceed 5-6% over a year. According to official data from local statistical agencies, the most favourable sectors for employment are intermediary services, insurance, internet/e-commerce, real estate, construction and education. Jobs are least available in aerospace, energy, printing and environmental protection. In addition, there is a decrease in vacancies in the financial services market.

In order to be legally employed in China, a foreigner must find an employer willing to provide a job for a foreign job seeker in advance and apply for a special work licence. After this a work visa (type Z) is issued at the Chinese diplomatic office in your country. Of course, the foreigner has to have enough education, qualification, experience and an occupation in demand in China. Studying at a Chinese university is considered a great advantage.

Depending on region, the official minimal pay in China in 2022 will vary from 1 120 up to 2 590 yuan a month that is equivalent to 175-405 American dollars. The highest rate is recorded in Shanghai at 2,590 yuan. The average salary in China is 7,540 yuan per month ($1,185). The city with the highest salary is Beijing, where experienced professionals earn an average of 11,521 yuan. Jobs in Shanghai earn about 10,967 yuan.

The most in-demand professions in China

Finding a job in another country is no longer a problem nowadays. It gives everyone the opportunity for self-fulfilment. Today, China remains one of the most attractive countries for work, business and projects.


The most current profession in China remains that of translator. Despite the steady increase in the number of educated Chinese who speak English, there will always be a demand for this profession. Command of the language allows foreigners in China to solve the widest range of tasks - guide, negotiating coordinator, consultant and others. There are a lot of tourists in China and guides are in demand all the time.


One of the most widespread occupations for foreigners in China. Here, particular specialization is determined depending on your professional skills. There are managers of different categories, logisticians, international trade specialists, procurement and sales representatives in this sphere.


There are English teachers in every city in China. However, most job postings are in the education field. There are many foreigners who teach in different educational institutions and earn good and stable income.

Fashion designer

China is one of the main clothing manufacturers in the world. In order to produce high-quality and interesting clothes, Chinese manufacturers need tailors, fashion designers and fashion designers.

IT, programming and testing

High-tech and software development have long been no small export commodity for China. The booming industry requires experienced, but not too expensive, technicians. The most popular are engineers from America, Russia and India and those with experience of working in medium-sized and large companies. Native speakers are also needed for testing and localizing software and electronic devices.

Private Business

There are plenty of opportunities to start your own business in China. The relaxed conditions for company registration in any sphere, tax preferences and a large market allow you to easily open and develop your own business. For today, China remains one of the most attractive countries for self-realisation and realization of projects.

But without knowledge of the Chinese language, the list of jobs for which foreigners in China can apply is significantly reduced. The best option is to look for a job in the representative offices of international companies operating in the country. Among the professions in high demand in China are IT specialists, skilled technicians in manufacturing and medical staff.

Financial, management, tourism, telecommunication and pharmaceutical sectors are in short supply. Translators are often needed, as are teachers and trainers of English or other foreign languages in local schools, universities and private educational institutions. Women with attractive looks can work as TV presenters, models and dancers.

The highest-paying occupations in China are senior managers, software developers, airline pilots, mortgage brokers, communications equipment manufacturers, financial analysts, consultants (science and technology) and real estate sales professionals. As elsewhere in the world, show business stars and professional athletes earn a lot in China.


If you are looking for a serious, high-paying job in China, your CV will play a key role. Translate and notarize all documents and education certificates. Passing the HSK Chinese language test will be a big plus.