Sarah Neenan – University of Exeter

Sarah completed a project with us while studying for her MSc in Biodiversity and Conservation at the University of Exeter, and collaborated to investigate the suitability of fluorescent elastomers for use as internal tags to identify hatchery-reared juvenile lobsters. This research produced a published paper, and Sarah has since gone on to research the impacts of marine noise on fish populations as she studies towards a doctorate in Engineering at the University of Southampton’s Institute of Sound and Vibration Research.

Neenan ST, Hodgson DJ, Tregenza T, Boothroyd D, Ellis CD. (2014) The suitability of VIE tags to assess stock enhancement success in juvenile European lobsters (Homarus gammarus). Aquaculture Research. 46 (12), 2913–2923, doi:10.1111/are.12445. Full text 

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