Sustainable Sunday – What fish should I eat?

Sustainable Sunday’s is a new series where we are looking into sustainable fishing methods and giving you tips on how to live more sustainably. We’ll be covering a variety of topics from how to pick the right fish, to looking at how fishermen are helping to secure our seas for the future. 

This week we’re going to be looking at how to ensure your fish is sourced in a sustainable way.

So why should I eat fish?
Fish has been a staple part of our diets for thousands of years. It is rich in protein and omega 3 and is an important part of millions of peoples diets for many reasons. Not only this, but the fishing industry is a lucrative business and helps to support many local economies around the UK. In 2016 UK vessels landed 701 thousand tonnes of sea fish into the UK and abroad with a value of £936 million!

So what fish should I be eating?

The seasonality of our fish and what is more abundant in our local seas is varying all the time, so there are two amazing resources you can use to see what is good to be eating – these can be found here: Marine Conservation Society good fish guide, or if you’re in Cornwall have a look at Cornwall Good Seafood Guide. Alternatively, you can pop in to our hatchery in Padstow and pick up your free copy!

These guides can help you to determine what fish is more abundant in the sea currently vs what is harder to get hold of so you know which species you should be avoiding. By picking the more abundant species of fish it gives those species that are struggling a chance to recover.

Photo by Phill Lockley

Fish and Chips by Fish! Borough Market.

But I love the classic fish and chips, can i eat this, and how do i know whats best to pick?

Our suggestion is simple – ASK! This applies to anywhere you’re eating out – ask where they source their fish or where it has been caught and then you can then check the guides to see whether this is a sustainable source!  This is great as it can help to create a conversation with your local food outlets too – they might not release how important it is to source fish from the correct places.

Alternatively, if you love cod and chips, why not have a look on the guides to see alternative recipes that you might enjoy?

“Cornwall’s fishing industry has never been so sustainable, and Cornish seafood is renowned for its quality and taste.” – Cornwall Good Seafood Guide

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