The National Lobster Hatchery celebrates its first Silver Corporate Sponsor outside of the UK, thanks to Isle Of Man’s ‘Paddy’s Hooked on Fish by Robinson’s’

Paddys Hooked on FishThe National Lobster Hatchery are delighted to be welcoming ‘Paddy’s Hooked on Fish, by Robinson’s’ as a Silver Level Corporate Sponsor of the charity.

A bit of background
The aim of The National Lobster Hatchery (NLH) is to conserve vulnerable lobster populations, preserve marine biodiversity and help safeguard our inshore fishing industry and the coastal communities it supports. The NLH operate an innovative stock enhancement programme which involves raising baby lobsters through their most vulnerable stages, then releasing them back into the wild when they have a better chance of natural survival. Since opening in 2000 the charity has released over 100,000 lobsters into the sea (studies show survival rates to be very high) and over 1/2 million visitors have been educated about sustainability issues associated with fisheries.

With more than 75% of the World’s fish stocks currently depleted, fully exploited or recovering and lobster populations already collapsed in Scandinavia, the charity’s work is becoming increasingly essential. We are therefore looking to relevant businesses in the seafood industry, to help enable us to fulfil our charitable objectives.

Corporate Sponsors
Matty Mathieson-Nelson, Director of Robinson’s fresh foods who have now joined forces with Paddy’s Hooked on Fish, recognised the importance of the charity’s work to his own industry and the coastal communities and marine environment that is so close to his heart. Paddy’s Hooked on Fish, by Robinson’s have a strong sustainable focus and responsible sourcing policy and with this in mind, Matty identified a unique and relevant opportunity for a collaboration that could help support the NLH’s work towards fisheries sustainability and food security.

Matty contacted the NLH and we were very fortunate to receive a visit from himself, Paddy and Robinson’s fresh foods Managing Director John Horstuis and his wife. While visiting the hatchery Matty formulated a plan that will enable Paddy’s hooked on Fish to help support the work of the NLH on an on-going basis, which will prove incredibly valuable to the charity. To showcase their commitment to the charity, Paddy’s have kindly donated £2400 which qualifies them for Silver Level Corporate Sponsorship. By agreeing to become a Silver Level Corporate Sponsor, Paddy’s Hooked on Fish are playing a significant part in a project that is ultimately contributing to the future health and sustainability of the world’s oceans.

Clare Stanley, Business Development Officer for The National Lobster Hatchery had this to say: “The work of the NLH is incredibly important, however it is a constant challenge to raise the funds required to continue and advance our work. Without the support of forward thinking businesses such as Paddy’s hooked on fish, our ability to deliver our conservation, research and education outputs would be greatly reduced. We are extremely grateful to Matty for instigating this collaboration and to all at Paddy’s and Robinson’s for their valuable support which will certainly help reduce the financial burden for this season. If we can encourage responsibility at every level of the marine food chain, from sourcing through to consumption, we really can make a significant difference on the future wellbeing of our marine food resources. It means a great deal to the NLH to know Matty and the Paddy’s team appreciate this and are helping to support the work we do here”.

Find out more about our Corporate Sponsorship or if you own a fishmonger or restaurant, sign up for our Buy One, Set One Free scheme

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