Congratulations on adopting your very own lobster!  Or if it’s all new to you and you received a surprise Adoption Certificate in the post, then you can find out all about it by reading: the ‘About’ page which gives an overview of the charity, the ‘Adopt a Lobster’ page that tells you about the scheme and ‘The journey of a hatchery reared lobster’.

You are in the right place to find out where and when your lobster was released!


We have anything from 3,000 to 5,000 adoptions each year and your very kind donation goes directly towards raising and releasing our baby lobsters.  We’ve got a fabulous ‘all singing and dancing’ Adopt a Lobster search tool and map for you to find out where and when your lobster was released.  Thank you to Matthew Augier, DPS Ltd for building and hosting this new website for free.  Just enter your details below to find your lobster.  Please note 2005 adoptions are not included.

If your lobster has not been released yet

We would normally say, allow at least 3 months for your lobster to show on our website, we have to wait for your baby lobster to grow before its released, and we update the website on a quarterly basis.  Have a read of ‘The journey of a hatchery reared lobster’ and you will have a much better understanding of what your little lobster is up to while you wait.

Last updated 7th March 2018