We need your help

Dear Hatchery supporter,

We are currently working on our plans to make a major development of the visitor centre in Padstow (something our customers have been telling us needs doing for years). It will allow us to make a series of exciting interactive exhibits and help customers to make sensible and sustainable consumer choices about their seafood.  We have now secured planning for this exciting development.

In order to free up space at our visitor centre, and in order to grow more juvenile lobsters, we need to move the hatchery operation (not the visitor centre) to another site.  There will always be a small demonstration hatchery in Padstow but this will be a smaller affair.  One of the consistent problems we have encountered in Padstow over the past 15 years is poor water quality within the estuary and we have come to the conclusion that it is necessary to move hatchery production to a new site.

We have been very carefully developing plans for a new lobster hatchery at a more remote location in an old quarry out at the mouth of the estuary.  This is within an AONB (as is the majority of the North Cornish Coastline). We have been very careful to ensure that the development will not detract from the look and feel of the headland and have commissioned a detailed ecological survey and a landscape and visual impact assessment, which has ensured that the plans are in-keeping with the look and feel of the area.

We need your help….

As we all know, for every person who makes a negative comment there are ten who think it is a good idea, but don’t share their views. We need you to email the planners to support our plans.  You can view the plans on the Cornwall Council Online Planning register:  reference: PA15/06153 or follow the following link:http://planning.cornwall.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=NQWFFRFGFWH00 Alternatively you can send an email to: planning@cornwall.gov.ukand ask them to post your comments.

To continue the charity’s work that we were set up to do 15 years ago, we need the room to grow and access to suitable quality water.  With your support we can do great things.

Many thanks

The Hatchery Team

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