We would like to put the record straight about the National Lobster Hatchery’s planning application at stepper point.


  1. There is not going to be a visitor centre at stepper point, this will remain in Padstow.  The Stepper point facility will just be a hatchery for lobster stocking and will consist of a small, single storey 13mx21m building.
  2. The hatchery will be in the old quarry, not on the headland itself.
  3. The hatchery will not be visible, it will be hidden behind the huge rock at the end of the quarry and further hidden behind earth bunds.  A great deal of care has been taken to ensure that views will not be damaged by the development and a Landscape and visual impact assessment is available on the planning portal.
  4. Access will be by the existing track, which was built for lorry’s removing stone from the quarry.  Other than clearing some vegetation and a bit of maintenance there is no need to alter this track.  Staff movements will be minimal (2 vehicles a day) and parking will be hidden behind the earth bund (please see the design and access statement on the planning portal).
  5. The hatchery will be at the opposite end of the quarry to the wetland and will not destroy it.  An eco-roof will ensure that there will be no net loss of habitat.  An ecological appraisal was undertaken on the site by Cornwall Environmental Consultants and is available through the planning portal.
  6. We have undertaken a detailed examination of other potential sites and this is the only economically and technically viable site available locally.   It is worth pointing out that the AONB covers most of the local coastline and that this development is prompted by poor water quality within the estuary. The rationale for site selection is available through the planning portal.
  7. We do not intend to fence the facility in and access for anglers and or walkers will not be affected by the application.
  8. We will have to work extremely hard over the next few years to raise the funds for this project.  As well as enabling us to expand our lobster production for the fishing communities of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, it will create new jobs for Padstow and help to diversify the range of employment opportunities available to local residents.

If you wish us to explain details, then please come along to the open evening on Wednesday 5th August at the hatchery in Padstow.

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