We recognise that the key to the long term success of our work is education. We operate a public education centre in our visitor centre which attracts over 40,000 people a year and promotes the importance of sustainability and responsible marine management. We also attract students and volunteers from all around the world who wish to train with our staff and learn about our work. We are also involved in formal education, working with schools, colleges and Universities in the region.

In 2011, 97% of our visitors said that after their visit they had an improved understanding of the importance of ensuring our fisheries are sustainable.

and 92% of our visitors said that after their visit they were more likely to purchase seafood from a sustainable source.

It’s our hope that through education, we can help make the change in consumer choice to buy sustainably sourced seafood and to promote the importance of managing our fisheries more responsiblly.

If you are looking to visit us as part of an educational visit from a school, college, university or community group then read our Education and Group Bookings Page for further information.

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