Why Adopting a lobster is a great idea!

Did you know that you can Adopt Lobsters here at the National Lobster Hatchery?

Have you ever wanted your very own tiny little baby lobster? WELL, you can! OK, so you won't get to keep it - but instead, we will do all the hard work for you and you'll get to be the proud owner of your very own little one! So, what does adopting a lobster entail...?!

Naming your lobster!

First up, you get to name your lobster! You have to think of an awesome name (something that your little lobster will have to happily stick to for the rest of their lives)!  It could be named after you, your friend, your favorite character from a book or TV show, or something completely random (or lobster related!) some of our favorites are:
  • Leonardo De Pinchy
  • Arthur-pod
  • Captain Americlaw
  • Claudia
  • Death Crab for Cutie

Getting your official adoption certificate

Once you've named your lovely little lobster, you'll get a beautiful certificate and fact sheet! Your certificate will state when you adopted your lobster, your lobsters name and who owns it! Your lovely fact sheet will help your understand at what stage your lobsters at, and it'll teach you all about its wonderful life both in the hatchery, and once it's been released into the big blue!

Keeping an eye on your lobster!

After a few months, when your lobster is at around 2-3cm in size it'll be time for him/her to be released back into the ocean! You will be able to type in your lobsters name and your name here: Track your Lobster Release | Releases at the National Lobster Hatchery to see exactly when, where and how your lobster has been released. This is a big step for your little lobster, it wont be under our protection anymore; it'll be out into the big blue! But don't worry! It's at this point in life where your lobster will be able to fend for itself. At this size, they become benthic (bottom dwelling) - meaning they can hide in nooks and crannies on the seabed away from hungry mouths! It'll stay here until its big and strong , and then it'll start emerging to find bigger bits of food, and even a new partner!

So there we go!

Adopting a lobster is such thing unique thing to do! Not only will you get the pride of owning a lovely little lobster, but you will also be helping us to raise and release the little critters too! It costs us on average £4 to raise and release a baby lobster! So your adoption will actually pay for your lobster to be raised and released! Plus, who doesn't want a little lobster!