Education Updates from the Lobster Hatchery in Winter

Photograph by Tom Hutchinson

Photograph by Tom Hutchinson

Over the winter months the Education Officer has been taking advantage of training opportunities, successfully completing courses in Firefighting, Health and Safety, and First Aid at Sea. These nationally accredited courses will allow the Officer to safely and competently accompany fishermen on Lobster releases around the coastline – a critical aspect to the work of the Hatchery.

Despite a general reduction in releases of larvae during the winter, a very rare event took place on 21st December: three of our berried (pregnant) lobsters on the maternity ward released their larvae in the middle of the afternoon. This is very unusual, as larval release almost always takes place at night… you could say that each of these babies is a little Christmas miracle!

A small group of Plymouth University postgraduate students visited the Hatchery to learn about our pioneering lobster aquaculture techniques, and meet with our technical panel to discuss water chemistry testing. Students were also treated to an ‘up-close and personal’ view of one of our berried female lobsters, in order to demonstrate lobster physiology. Another group, from Cornwall College Newquay’s FdSc Education and Media course, visited the Hatchery to enjoy a talk and tour, ending with a seminar to brainstorm fun and engaging ways of communicating marine conservation issues to school children.

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