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"From a global perspective, fish stocks are being hit harder than ever before, the world’s human population is expanding rapidly, its middle classes are exploding and demand for fish is at an all-time high.  The majority of fisheries are either fully exploited, depleted or recovering and demand for seafood is fast outstripping supply. We desperately need new approaches to throw into the mix of fisheries management options. Stocking can allow us to make fisheries more productive and potentially re-stock fisheries should they collapse, but this is a new area of science and requires a great deal of further development".

Dr Carly Daniels

Head of Research, The National Lobster Hatchery


There are several ways you can support us whether it's a one off donation, becoming a Friend of the Hatchery and donating each month by standing order, join our Patrons' Club, fund a specific project or piece of research (give us a call), become a Corporate Sponsor to show your commitment to safeguarding our marine resources, sign up to our 'Buy one, Set one free' scheme if you own a restaurant or fishmonger, leave a legacy in your will or sign up to 'Give as you Live' and nominate our charity when you shop on-line.

If it's time and energy you've got, we always need volunteers.  It's not just lobster husbandry skills we need!

Failing that, you may just want to shop through our on-line shop, the 'Little Shop of Lobsters' and adopt your very own 'Lobsters Sweethearts' for Valentines Day or send a gift hamper to somebody special at Christmas.

“How can our charity compete with the humanitarian charities? The answer is simple: give a man a fish and he can feed his family for a day, give him a fishing net and he can feed his family for a month. However, if the seas around his village have been overfished then he can do neither”.

–Dom Boothroyd, National Lobster Hatchery

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