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 General Manager

An exciting and unusual opportunity has arisen to manage a Cornish based marine Charity. The position could be tailored to be part-time or full time with flexible hours, to meet the needs of the Charity and its operation’s.
Working on a part-time or full-time, permanent basis, salary will be commensurate with the nature of the role and the experience of the successful applicant, pension, 22 days A/L plus bank holidays.
To manage the day-to-day operations of the Charity, overseeing the Hatchery, visitor centre, education and administration activities, reporting to the Board of Trustees.
Closing date: 7th March. Interview date: Subject to agreement.
For further information please go to or if you wish to apply please send your CV and a covering letter to


Main purpose of job: Responsible for the strategic and operational leadership of the Charity & NLHE.
Reporting to: Directors/Board of Trustees
Reporting to you: Head of Production, Science and Development , Business Development Manager  , Visitor Experience and Hatchery Supervisor, Book keeper.
Deputy/cover when absent provided by: Senior Management Team.

Main responsibilities

  1. In conjunction with the Board and Leadership team lead the financial & strategic direction of the Charity ensuring long term financial stability whilst meeting the Charity’s objectives.
  2. Ensure that all financial, Legal and Governance activities are completed in a timely & accurate manner and in accordance with all relevant legislation.
  3. Lead all operational aspects of the Charity’s activities, to ensure safe and effective delivery.
  4. Act as the “responsible person”, leading all aspects of health and safety across the Charity and its subsidiaries
  5. Be responsible for the development and implementation of all relevant policies , keeping existing policies updated, and ensuring the Charity meets all regulatory requirements
Strategic Responsibilities
  1. Establish short, medium & long term Strategic plans ensuring sustainable financial stability and appropriate levels of reserves.
  2. Drive the development of long term Fundraising Model to support delivery of the objectives of the Hatchery.
Operational Responsibilities
  1. To be responsible for the effective management of resources, financial, personnel and material.
  2. To advise the company of developments within its areas of interest.
  3. Create and deliver strategic marketing plans which maximise and grow visitor numbers and awareness of the Charity work and values
  4. Manage HR and the liaison with external advisors
  5. Develop, maintain and Implement emergency plans, including crisis management, fire safety and emergency evacuation procedures.
  6. Closely monitor actual performance against the objectives and plans implementing any additional or corrective measures where required
  1. To work at all times in accordance with the organisation’s policies and procedures.
  2. To treat all colleagues, customers, independent contractors and third parties associated with the Charity courteously with dignity and respect, free from discrimination, harassment and victimisation.
  3. To actively and positively contribute to any appraisal process and to follow up on agreed actions.
  4. To undertake training as required in your role.
  5. To take responsibility for your professional development.
  6. To maintain general knowledge of the Charity and its associated activities.
  7. To undertake any reasonable duties as may be required within the general scope of the job.
  1. Fundraising is a core focus of the organisation. It is your responsibility to be proactive in supporting and delivering the fundraising activities of the Charity.
Education and Outreach
  1. Education and outreach is a core focus of the organisation. It is your responsibility to be proactive in supporting and delivering the education and outreach activities of the Charity.
  1. To recruit and support suitable staff, students and volunteers.
  2. To be responsible for identifying training needs and facilitating personal development.
  3. To carry out appraisals for team members.
  4. To source and manage third party relationships.
  1. To set financial budgets, with board approval and manage and deliver within these agreed budgets .
  2. To ensure that all areas are working within the financial policies of the Charity.
  3. Ensure financial viability and stability of the Charity’s future.
Health, Safety, Hygiene and Well-Being
  1. All employees are responsible for all aspects of health and safety.
  2. Employees should work at all times in accordance with the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.
  3. Employees should follow the organisations health and safety policy and all charity procedures, risk-assessments or guidelines which assist this.
  4. Employees should report all accidents, injuries and near-misses, to the relevant person responsible for health & safety at work.
  1. QBE - a minimum of 5 years’ experience in a Leadership role  within a similar size organisation.
Person Specification
  1. To be mindful and proactive in managing costs and efficiencies
  2. A motivational leader experienced in people management


Volunteer with the Hatchery Team. 


Our hatchery operations are conducted by a dedicated team of marine technicians who deal with the day to day running of our hatcheries, facilitating our lobster restocking conservation programme and supporting cutting edge research.

We are able to offer a small number of opportunities to volunteers to assist the team with tasks relating to animal husbandry and aquaculture systems maintenance and enhancement in the hatchery.

Hatchery volunteers - day to day tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Feeding lobster larvae, juveniles, broodstock, and aquarium exhibits
  • Assisting with the husbandry of brood stock
  • Cleaning tanks
  • Maintaining and enhancing recirculating aquaculture systems and aquarium displays
  • Water quality/chemistry monitoring

Please note: In order for volunteers to gain the best possible experience from this role we ask you commit to at least 6 months for a one day a week volunteer placement. You may be asked to attend an interview as part of our selection process. A qualification in a relevant science which includes marine biology, issues of sustainability or fisheries management is preferred but not essential. These roles are not paid and you must be over 18 to work with the hatchery team. Unfortunately we are unable to offer any financial support or cover travel costs.

For volunteering enquiries please contact 


Our team of researchers are involved in some of the most pioneering European Lobster research anywhere in the world. We are able to accommodate a small number of student research projects focussing on the subject of European Lobster aquaculture, biology or fisheries which would benefit from the use of our facilities and the experience and knowledge of our scientists. These projects would usually be conducted as a joint venture between ourselves and the university of the student and are best suited to third year BSc students or Masters/PhD projects.

Please note: These roles are not paid and you must be over 18 to work with the research team. Unfortunately we are unable to offer any financial support or cover travel costs.

For more information on the research projects we can accommodate and to discuss potential opportunities please email


What’s it like to Volunteer at the NLH! – Meet Elsa Domoney!

We caught up with one of our past volunteers and incredible work colleagues Elsa, to find out what it was like to volunteer at the National Lobster Hatchery (NLH) and to see where she is now! Elsa worked so hard when she was here, starting as a volunteer hatchery technician before becoming a full time member of our research team for our Lobster Grower 2 project! We want to say a huge thank you to Elsa for all her work over the time she was with us, she was an amazing asset to the team. So, let's hear more about Elsa's Story!


I joined the National Lobster Hatchery (NLH) in summer 2017 as a volunteer hatchery technician keen to learn more about the charity and to apply my interests in aquaculture and fisheries sustainability. During my time volunteering, I learned about lobster biology (e.g. life cycle, physiology, conservation status) and strengthened my experience of maintaining life support systems whilst helping with the day to day running of the hatchery. After a year of part-time volunteering, I obtained a full-time research assistant position working on NLH’s Lobster Grower 2 project. My role within the research team primarily focussed on planning, conducting and analysing scientific trials assessing potential ongrowing techniques of hatchery reared juveniles in sea-based containers on a local mussel farm. This fed into the project aim to assess the viability of the European lobster (Homarus gammarus) as a novel aquaculture species.


I am now working as a Fish Health Inspector at Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas)
After my contract working on the Lobster Grower 2 project finished, I went on to study for a masters in Sustainable Aquaculture Systems at the University of Plymouth. Soon after finishing, I started working in my current role as a Fish Health Inspector within the Fish Health Inspectorate (FHI) at Cefas, Weymouth. The FHI is responsible for maintaining the high aquatic animal health status of both wild and aquaculture reared finfish, molluscs and crustaceans across England and Wales. This is achieved through surveillance programs of notifiable diseases, legislative compliance inspections and disease investigations following observed clinical signs of disease or unexpected mortality events.
I am also involved in trade controls of live fish from a disease perspective, including import sampling and producing health certificate declarations for live fish exports. My role also involves enforcement work where legislation has been breached, working on behalf of the Veterinary Medicine Directorate examining use of medicines and controlled substances, and working to develop and authorise new aquaculture enterprises both in the UK and overseas.


Having hands-on industry experience in the aquaculture sector has been invaluable in terms of understanding the aquaculture facilities I inspect, as well as how to communicate and build rapports with fish farmers during site visits. Maintaining production systems, implementing appropriate biosecurity measures and good husbandry techniques are key to disease prevention in all aquaculture systems. These were all areas I gained an understanding of whilst at NLH and I find myself discussing and advising on these areas in my current job. I now enjoy working with a variety of species from Brown trout to European oysters but staying true to my lobster roots, I am looking forward to taking on more responsibility in the FHI’s crustacean work – particularly exciting as it’s a relatively new and expanding sector of UK aquaculture!

Once again a huge thank you to Elsa for all her hard work and we are so proud of her to move on into such a fantastic position with Cefas! It really goes to show how wonderful volunteering can be as a gateway into the industry, and with hard work and dedication, it can help you work towards your dreams! We feel Elsa is a huge inspiration to future volunteers at the NLH!

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